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Lesson     : ICT                                                      Day / Date     : Wednesday, 03-15-2011
Class /  Program     : X A / -                                   Session          : 2                                  
Semester   :   2 (Even)                                            Hour              : 08.40 - 10.10
Name     : Fery Agus H.
Question :

1. Please specify and each function about all the members of microsoft office 2007 !
2. Please specify and each function about all the members of Pull Down Menu in Ms Word 2007 !
3. Please specify the function of Office Button in Ms Word 2007 !
4. Please specify all the members of View Menu in Ms Word 2007 !
5. Please specify the advantage of Managing Files in Ms Word 2007 !


1. ~ Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to analyze your business information, create worksheets, and tracktime,costs, resources, and people
~ Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create, manage, store, and convert documents
~ Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to produce professional publications
~ Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager to manage customers, contacts, and sales
~ Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to create dynamic sales presentations
~ Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 to save time, organized, and do business online with a complete accounting solution for small businesses
~ Microsoft Access 2007 to create a database and then filter, sort, form a graph, and visualize business information
~ InfoPath 2007 to lower the cost of transaction execution and business process technology with advanced electronic form
~ Communicator 2007 to communicate more easily with colleagues and clients in locations and different time zones using a variety of communication techniques that include instant messaging, voice, and video
~ Groove 2007 to collaborate with others in a dynamic in a single workspace that unites all members of the team, tools, documents, and information
~ OneNote 2007 to gather and organize handwritten notes, audio and video recordings, Web research, screen clippings, pictures, etc. all in a single location.

2. Pull down menu
Find, find text in the document
Go to, navigate to specific place in the document
Select Object, Change to the selection cursor, so that you can select and
move ink and other objects in the document

3. a. New, to make a new document
b. Open, to open a document
c. Save, to save an updated document
d. Save as, to save an unnamed document or to save an old document with a new name
e. Print, print a document
f. Prepare, to prepare a document to be distributed
g. Send, to send a document to another person
h. Publish, to distributed a document to another person

4. Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline, Draft, Zoom, 100%, One Page,Two Pages, Page Width.

5. To Make documents such as, letters, reports, and booklets.

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